10 Incredible Ways That Argan Oil Benefits Your Skin

Rodger Padgett By Rodger Padgett | Author

"Liquid Gold." "Miracle oil." There are many names that Argan oil is known by, and for the beauty world it is the MVP. If you are wondering what argan oil is, here is the back-story of it: argan oil comes from argan nuts from argan trees, that are mainly found in Morocco's southwestern region. Given that argan nut kernels need to be removed from their shells and then ground into the oil by hand, it means that it may take several days to only get one liter's worth of argan oil.

You might want to purchase two bottles or more of argan oil as soon as you determine that it benefits your skin. You will continue to find new ways of using the oil to solve the skin problems that your body has. It is safe to use around your mouth and eyes and is natural as well, so that way you don't need to worry about putting any toxic products onto your body.

1Affordable Skin Toner

If you find that the toner is causing irritation or drying your skin out, then argan oil might be the perfect solution for you. A couple of drops of argan oil can be added to your regular toner, and shake it well before you use it, that will help to offset the harsh effects of the toner. Argan oil can be helpful, no matter what type of skin you have.

If a natural approach is what you prefer, you can make your very own toner without the astringent ingredients of parabens and alcohol that is found in traditional beauty products. Place a green tea bag in a cupful of boiling water and allow it to steep for around 10 minutes. Then take the tea bag out and let it cool before you add a couple of drops argan oil and tea tree oil. Seal inside of a clean glass jar and then use your toner in the morning and then again at night after doing your cleansing (shake before using it).

2Protects Your Skin Against Environmental Damage

There is a high amount of antioxidants contained in argan oil, and this helps to protect your nails, hair and skin which are damaged by UV radiation. There was a study published in 2013 in Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine that showed show argan oil helps to speed up the recovery process from damage. In addition, argan oil is also an elective type of melanin biosynthesis inhibitor, and that means it is able to normalize your skin cells that contain too much melanin in them, and helps to keep you safe and healthy from UV rays.

The pigment within the skin called melanin helps to protect against UV rays, which is essential for healthy skin. When you have too little or too much melanin, it can cause all kinds of skin issues, and might also cause a higher risk for cancer. If you apply argan oil to skin that has been damaged by UV rays it can heal your dry leathery skin and fade sun spots that is caused by being overexposed to UV through promoting healthy cell regeneration.

3Exfoliates Your Skin

You can reduce wrinkles by removing dead skin cells through exfoliating. With fine lines in your face reduced, your skin will take on a fresher, younger look. When combined with brown sugar, the nutrients in argan oil are absorbed by your skin even faster! And this exfoliant works for much more than just your face. A bit mixed up for you to massage into cracked heels or dry elbows makes a world of difference. The best thing about these DIY exfoliation treatments is that anyone can make them, and they're cheaper than manufactured products by a wide margin. Not to mention the argan oil has extra anti-aging benefits added on top!

In order to enjoy the benefits that argan oil offers while you are exfoliating, simply mixture together with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar along with a couple of drops of argan oil within your hand. Take the mixture and rub on your face using a circular motion for around 2 to 4 minute; and make sure you pay close attention to dry and acne prone areas of your skin. Use warm water to rinse it off, and then pat your skin dry.

4You Can Use It As A Body Lotion

It might seem like moisturizing your skin oil is something new. However, truthfully the procedure dates all the way back into ancient times when Indians, Romans and Egyptians would use oil on a regular basis for beauty and skincare. In Egypt this fad never went out of style really but is now just now making a comeback in North America.

Argan oil is very popular within the anti-aging world, and helps out with wrinkles, as well as soothes conditions like dry skin, acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Oils have very high levels of antioxidants and nutrients. These are 100% active and can be absorbed easily into the skin because there are no fillers contained in them.

5Conditions Your Lips

More than just your hair and skin are benefited by argan oil; it makes a great substitute for chapstick or lip treatment. Rub 1 to 2 drops in, and wipe any excess away. It heals cracked lips and also helps to keep your lips conditioned, smooth and soft. Keep some argan oil around during the winter to help prevent your lips from getting chapped.

When argan oil is used for a lip balm it does get the job done. It absorbs and moisturizes fast enough so that you aren't feel grossed out by putting oil onto your lips. You can fee very good about putting argan oil on your skin since it is an all-natural product.

6Soften Dry Feet

Argan oil can also be used on dry cracking skin that is on your heels or feet. Rub 2 drops of the oil into your feet, and make sure that you pay special attention to any problem areas. You might need to apply a few more drops to moisturize the area fully depending on how dry the skin is on your feet.

Cover up your feet with socks to allow the oil to soak in fully. Leave your socks on for 20 minutes at least, and overnight preferably. Take the residual oil off from the bottom of your feet using a warm washcloth before bathing so you don't slip and fall.

7Overnight Skin Moisturizer

After cleansing, take a couple of drops of argan oil and massages onto your neck and face directly. It is considered to be a dry oil, so it does absorb fast and isn't greasy either. It can be used as a serum by applying night cream once the oil has been absorbed into your skin.

Argan oil has essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants in it. It is a natural, nourishing and protective super food that helps your skin. Since it a concentrated anti-oxidant, it protects the elasticity of your skin.

8Reduces Stretch Marks

Argan oil has healing powers for your skin that never stops. The miracle oil may be used for preventing stretch marks caused by rapid weight gain through strengthening and softening skin, pubescent growth of mammaries and hips and of course from pregnancy. It helps to improve your skin's elasticity and helps to keep it hydrated as well.

Argan oil helps to make it less likely for stretch marks to form. Warm a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand to apply and then rub it gently into areas like your stomach, thighs and hips where they are most likely to develop. Argan oil contains saponins that help with reactivity the ability of skin cells to regenerate, which helps to keep your most important and larges bodily organ strong and healthy.

9Prevents And Reduces Acne

Acne is a very common skin condition that tends to affect the face although it can affect other body parts as well like the back, neck and chest. More serious acne cases might cause scars that may remain on the skin for an extended time. Recently there have been claims of argan oil can be used for healing acne.

Skin health benefits argan oil because it has unsaturated fatty acids in it that helps to make your skin softer. With acne scars and acne - since the production of sebum is regulated by argan oil, which causes acne, it may help to reduce additional breakouts. There is a rich amount of linoleic acid in argan oil, which offers strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

10Decreases The Ugliness Of Scars

One of the more effective products to treat unsightly marks and scars is argan oil. Argan oil was from a small area of Morocco originally and due to its multiple uses is considered to be "liquid gold." There is the essential fatty acids Omega 9 and Omega 6, antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin A contained in argan oil.

Moroccan women, since ancient times, have been anointing their bodies with argan oil to have flawless and smooth skin. The ingredients in argan oil increases the production of collagen and therefore contribute to improving your skin's appearance. On the other hand, Vitamin E helps to heal different unsightly signs of skin diseases or injuries.

There are many benefits that argan oil provides to the skin. It is well-suited for women and men and contains no artificial additives and fragrances. You can feel confident putting a natural product put on your face. Children can also use it since they also suffer from many skincare issues.

It has not been tested on animals ever, so it should conform with the ethics of most people. It is safe to be used on children as well, since they tend to be more susceptible to store-bought products with harmful compounds in them. Buy a bottle of Argan oil so that you can experience all of these benefits on your own.